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Not Guilty – Child Molestation – Commonwealth v. M.F.

M.F. was a teacher at a small elementary school. One of his female students accused him of touching her after class on one occasion after school.

She reported the alleged touching seven months after it supposedly happened. At trial, Ms. Snyder was able to show through cross examination of the student, the presentation of other witnesses, and the testimony of the defendant that the accusation happened on a day that M.F. had yelled at the girl in the cafeteria.

Furthermore, Ms. Snyder proved that M.F. had recently given the accuser an “Incomplete” grade in Science; that M.F. was the only male teacher in the school; and that when the accuser told the Vice Principal what had happened, she mentioned that another student had touched her, not M.F.

The Judge found that the complaining witness was not credible and had possibly lied because M.F. was strict with her. M.F. was found not guilty of all charges. He is putting his life back together and getting back to work.

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